Lavender Hill has many different
types of 100% natural herbal
soap that are gentle enough for
any skin type. All herbal soaps
start with a gentle base of
saponified oils of palm, coconut,
and olive. We then add just
the right amount of essential
oils to not only clean your skin
but to also render your entire
body refreshed and restored.
With 21 varieties of herbal
soap, it is easy to find types
that meet your needs and

Still skeptical? Simply replace
your current bath bar with an
herbal soap from Lavender
Hill. You will notice the
difference immediately.


How our soaps are made:

Oils of palm, coconut, and olive are blended and mixed at precise temperatures with an alkali solution. The batch is mixed for hours, thickening slowly. When it is ready, botanical concentrates and organic herbs are added. The batch is then poured into oil-soaked wooden molds and kept warm for three days. As the soap solidifies, the alkali salts rise to the top like cream. On the fourth day, the salts are cut off and the soap brick is cut into bars. The bars are then placed on oak and stainless steel screens and cured for an additional 21 days. This process produces the mildest herbal soap made; often lasting two to three times longer than conventional bars. This soap is also extremely moisturizing and smoothing.

Why is handmade natural herbal soap good for your skin?

There is a three part answer:

  1. What is not in it.
  2. What is in it.
  3. How it is made.

The "Not in it Factor"

Handmade herbal soap does not contain artificial fragrances. Many artificial fragrances cause dry skin reaction and other annoying conditions such as itchy noses. Pure Essential oils are good for the skin and provide aromatherapy benefits for the mind. Natural essential oils frequently have anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. There are no artificial colors in natural herbal soap. These soaps contain no artificial preservatives (irritants). Rosemary extract is the natural preservative of choice for handmade soap producers. Most important of all, properly made herbal soaps have no measurable free alkali, the most common irritant. Additionally, natural herbal soap is free of synthetic ingredients.

The "Is in it" Factor - "Hand Lotion in Soap" Effect

"What is not in it", explains why handmade natural soap is non-irritating, but what makes it soothing? Natural herbal soap is usually made from whole vegetable oils. These food grade oils contain naturally occurring stearic acid and palmitic waxes, from which hand lotions are made. Handmade natural soap also contains tree oils, glycerin, and water, providing a moisturizing lotion base. This is the "Hand Lotion in Soap" Effect. In addition, it is good for your skin. Herbal soap with essential oils often help eczema and psoriasis sufferers, as well as sensitive skin types.

The "How it is Made" Factor

We have already mentioned about the care and time that go into making a Lavender Hill herbal soap bar. Our soap makers spend much time physically making the many soap products to which our customers entrust their health and well-being. This is why we know that a product is only as good as the parts that go into it, and also why we will never put any consideration above the quality of our ingredients. As anyone who has ever used a Lavender Hill product knows, we do not settle for anything less than the best raw materials when developing and manufacturing our distinctive natural products.


Consumers should review the ingredients they are using. If they cannot pronounce the ingredients or their skin is dry and irritated, they should identify and use a natural, vegetable-based herbal soap that addresses their skin type.

Oily Skin:

Blue Bar, Cinnamon Spice, Aloe Tea Tree, or Zenith. You may want to use these in conjunction with our Elysium or Tempest bars. Experiment! Remember, when you work hard to remove oils, your glands work harder to produce more oil, therefore, you may need to switch back and forth with soaps for your face and body.

Dry Skin:

Butter, Aloe Baby, Unscented, Slumber, or Surrender bars.

Combination Skin:

Elysium, Honey Cornmeal, or Surrender bars.

For a nice deodorant herbal soap, try our Cinnamon Spice or Sage & Ginger bars. For athlete's foot try our Blue bar and for acne our Aloe Tea Tree bar.

So what's your skin type?

We do not always have the same skin type all year round. Oiliness and dryness can change with the weather, hormonal cycles, diet, emotions, and disease. Many people get dry in the winter and oily in the summer. Adjust your herbal soap accordingly.

Simplet Test to check skin type:

Moisten cotton ball with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol.
Rub along the side of your nose.
Wait ten minutes.
Examine the second cotton ball:

- If dirty, you tend to have oily skin.
- If clean, you tend to have dry skin.
Use this test to match the herbal combinations for your skin type.