Lavender Hill Linen Sprays come in
four distinct persuasions: (1) Lavender,
(2) Sandalwood, (3) Chamomile, and
(4) Rose. Each spray is comprised of
distillate waters and essential oils to help
you rest peacefully. Simply lightly mist
your pillow and/or sheets and enjoy the
aromatherapy benefits of soothing scents..

A wonderful way to fall asleep, each
scent offers a characteristic aroma
along with a unique set of beneficial
properties, but regardless of which you
choose, you can be certain that it will help
you fall asleep more quickly, sleep deeply,
and awake refreshed.
Our linen sprays
even double as room and furniture sprays.

$7.99 - 5.25 oz.




LAVENDER: Even the calming effect of lavender's light purple hue pales in comparison to its soothing scent. You may dream in black and white, but you can always smell in lavender. Lavender is the most wide-ranging, universally effective, and popular of the naturally soothing essential oils.

CHAMOMILE: Chamomile was originally called "little apple" for its aromatic scent. Let this deep, sweet fragrance plant seeds of relaxation that will last even after you wake. Chamomile, being the strongest of the four scents, can also help keep nasal passages open while you sleep.

SANDALWOOD: Eastern culture has long been
known for its emphasis on mind-body symmetry.
Capture this ancient sense of balance and well-
being with a mist of Asiatic sandalwood on your
pillow. This scent is perfect for those who are not
fond of floral scents such as lavender, but still want
to enjoy soothing aromatherapy benefits.

ROSE: A product by any other name could not
smell as sweet. Open your heart and your dreams
will surely blossom. This scent has the least soothing
properties of the four, but provides a wonderful
background fragrance. It is often used as a furniture
and room spray.