Oils and Sprays

We have combined the
fixed oils used in our soap
and spa scrubs to create
Massage Oil and specialty
skin care products.

Refresh and revive your
skin with our special
formulations which help
to soothe, soften, and
moisturize. Our specialty skin care products treat damaged skin and restore suppleness.

8 oz.
17 oz.

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MASSAGE OIL - Many massage oils contain typically only one or two fixed oils as the base. Lavender Hill's Massage Oil contains 6 different fixed oils blended together. Fixed oils vary in their thickness, skin-enriching and nourishing capability, and their gentleness. The oils that are most enriching also tend to be overpowering in pure form for sensitive skin, and conversely, very gentle oils will not typically provide much enriching capability. By blending six different fixed oils, we are able to produce a very gentle massage oil (by using such oils as Sunflower, Safflower, and Sweet Almond) and a very nourishing and enriching massage oil (Jojoba, Avocado, and Rose Hip). Our massage oil was developed in conjunction with certified massage therapists to achieve the optimum balance of oils. As with our other massage products, it is available in many different essential oil and fragrance blends.

AVOCADO SKIN REJUVENATOR - Experience the healing power of Avocado fixed oil and Frankincense essential oil in our Avocado Skin Rejuvenator. Both oils have been used for centuries to help heal irritated skin exposed to sun and weather as well as to improve skin elasticity to reduce and prevent wrinkles. Simply rub a small amount of the oil into the area to be treated once a day, and watch your skin respond.

ALOE LAVENDER SUNBURN REMEDY - Both Lavender essential oil and Aloe Vera fixed oil have been used for centuries as treatments for burns. We have combined the two in a sunburn remedy to cool and soothe sun-damaged skin. Experience the cooling properties of 100% Natural Aloe Vera Gel combined with the healing power of Lavender Essential Oil. Great for Sunburn Relief as well as treatment for minor burns and skin irritations.