Are you tired of messy oils and smelly creams commonly used for massage and sore muscle treatments? If so, Lavender Hill massage bars are just what you need. Designed to melt with your body temperature and then harden when set down, the essential oils penetrate deeply into muscles and have the added benefit of enticing aromas. We have massage bars for a wide variety of needs including sore
and even
one to help
you sleep.


Our 100% natural massage bars can be separated into three major groups: (1) family massage bars, (2) Vapor Ease, and (3) our LH Sports line of massage bars containing arnica.

FAMILY MASSAGE BARS - Our family massage bars contain different essential oil blends identical to those blends found in our bath products. Certain essential oil blends, such as Awaken, will energize, while our Slumber with pure lavender essential oil is great to use just before bed time. These massage bars are wonderful for applying to small areas to produce the desired effect. For instance, have trouble focusing during the day, use our Zenith massage bar, that contains eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils and rub just a touch on your temples and just under the nose. This can also help alleviate pain from headaches and sinus problems. If you have difficulty sleeping at night, use our Slumber massage bar and simply rub on your temples, a small amount under the nose and on your chest, and let the lavender essential oil soak into your skin and fall asleep naturally. Our family massage bars are available in both olive oil and cocoa butter bases.

VAPOR EASE - Our Vapor Ease bar is a special blend of menthol and camphor crystals that is designed specifically to combat colds and chest congestion. Simply rub the Vapor Ease on your chest, sides, back and neck, and feel the penetrating warmth of camphor and menthol break-up that congestion. Besides your chest, we suggest sides, back and neck to completely surround your lungs with the penetrating oils. Often times people only rub on the chest, not realizing that your lungs are also encased by your back and sides. By completely surrounding the lungs, you greatly increase the effectiveness of the massage bar. This is especially great for young children because it is very mild and gentle, and they tend to really enjoy the rubdown.

LH SPORTS BARS - Our LH Sports line of Massage bars are designed to help alleviate pain from sore muscles and joints. We have four different types of massage bars available, all of which contain arnica. Arnica has been used for centuries to treat deep bruises and relieve pain. Arnica is believed to increase the size of capillaries, thus increasing blood flow to injured and painful areas. By increasing blood flow, you not only promote healing, but also remove excess fluid at a faster rate. By removing excess fluid, you reduce pressure on the nerves, and thereby decrease pain. We have four different types of massage bars containing arnica, each with a slightly different essential oil blend. Some are designed to increase circulation, others for deep penetrating, and still others for pure pain relief.