Enjoy delightful scents with our all natural potpourri and sachets made from a few of our favorite essential oils and herbs. Choose from a variety of fragrances including elegant and soothing Victorian, enticing Moroccan, homey Country Kitchen, or simply relaxing Lavender. Potpourri is great for use in the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms while sachets are wonderful for smaller places like dresser drawers and even cars. Enjoy aromatherapy benefits throughout your day. They also make wonderful gifts.


Country Kitchen.

Victorian - $3.50

Moroccan - $3.50

Lavender - $3.99


VICTORIAN POTPOURRI & SACHETS - Enjoy the elegant and soothing aromas of our Victorian potpourri and sachets. Victorian is made form a blend of rose, chamomile, and lavender to provide both a calming as well as a refined effect. Simulate the elegance of the Victorian era with this wonderful blend.

MOROCCAN POTPOURRI & SACHETS - Made from a blend of sandalwood and rose, our Moroccan potpourri and sachets provide a more stimulating and enticing aroma, simulating Middle-Eastern spicy and arousing scents. Let the scent of our Moroccan potpourri and sachets intoxicate you.

COUNTRY KITCHEN POTPOURRI - Re-live those wonderful times of going over to grandma's house when she was cooking and baking. Our country kitchen uses cinnamon, apple, and orange to produce a homey and comfortable aroma. Great for use in the kitchen. Get that wonderful smell of fresh baked goods without ever touching the oven.

LAVENDER SACHETS - Relax and sooth with the wonderful scent of lavender. There are very things more relaxing and soothing than the scent of lavender buds and lavender essential oil. Great for use in the bedroom and even in dreser drawers to provide your clothes with a light soothing scent.